[HR] Meccaniche per i sensi, via Octopoid Prevarication

di Dukko

Un post molto interessante, riguardo un problema incontrato da Octopoid in una sua campagna di Exalted: come gestire un pg cieco?
In sintesi, modificando un paio di prodigi, rendendoli indefiniti e con costo impegnato, invece che come normalmente sono (dispendiosi e scene-long).
Leggetelo, è molto interessante!

The games I run tend to be excellent sources of home-brewed content, since I can more easily find areas that desperately need improvement, or find gaps in the mechanics that need to be filled.  My roommate, Grace, is playing a character who would like to be a blind ranged fighter, which is completely awesome forever.  However, the current Solar sense-enhancing Charms A) require a decent commitment, and B) have to be activated every scene.  This c … Read More

via Octopoid Prevarication